If you are into online buying, selling or even sharing of information between various stakeholders, then you have reasons to believe that the following few lines will be useful in more ways than one. A large chunk of retail and wholesale trade and commerce happens over the internet. It will not be long before a significant portion of the entire retail as well as wholesale businesses shifts to the internet. This is because of some inherent advantage of e-commerce business. It certainly is a win-win situation both for the customers and the business owners. However, we need to bear in mind that the internet has become a much more crowded place, compared to what it was around two or three decades back. There are millions of players trying to sell the same products and services to an existing set of customers. In such situations, the e-commerce players have to be on their toes, and it certainly is a fierce battle for them to stay ahead of the competition. While there could be many new facets of digital marketing with the emergence of social media as a potent force, the role of search engine optimization or SEO continues to be very important.

What Exactly Is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization is a marketing discipline that focuses on improved visibility as far as organic search engine results are concerned. By organic, we mean non-paid searches. Search engine optimization or SEO is a big subject, and it includes both the creative and technical elements. These are very much required and extremely essential for improving search engine ranking, and also for driving traffic. They also play a significant role in bringing in increased awareness as far as search engines are concerned. The above are the main aspects as far as SEO is concerned. It helps how your content appears on your website and also how other sites get linked to you on the world wide web. Some experts also believe that search engine optimization could ensure that the websites are well structured and are designed. This also makes the search engines to understand them better.

We should bear in mind a few essential things. To begin with, search engine optimization is not about having websites that are search engine friendly. Sites should serve the primary purpose for which they are built. They should be able to offer value to people who use them regularly. Unless the primary objectives for which websites are created are not met, it does not make any sense even if one has the best of search engine optimization in place.

Why Does A Website Need SEO?

This is the fundamental question that we often come across from websites that are into e-commerce and other commercial and non-commercial activities. Traffic is the bloodline for any, and without quality traffic, even a high-quality website will die a natural death over some time. Traffic is driven with the help of search engines. There are few major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing that help information seekers to search for websites. Though the role of social media and various other ways of traffic generation, search engine optimization based on search engine results continues to be the most significant driving factor as far as organic, and quality traffic to websites are concerned. This is entirely true for a website that provides services, contents, information, products or even any other thing under the sun.

What Makes Search Engine So Special?

There are quite a few reasons as to why SEO continues to be relevant even in today’s world of social media, mobile based applications and other such things. When you have a good search engine optimization campaign for your website, you can be sure that you will get the best feedback and return from search engines. Search engines are versatile and unique because they help to provide targeted traffic. It allows people to identify sites and find out whether they are offering the products, services, contents, and information that are looking for. Without search engines, this will never happen. It would, therefore, be correct to call a search engine as the pathways or roadways that lead visitors to the right site in an online highway that is full of traffic. If search engines are unable to find out and identify your site, then you are indeed missing out on traffic, and without traffic, you can be sure that your website will drift into oblivion sooner than later.

The Importance Of Search Queries

Search queries, also referred to as keywords are the ones that users type in the search boxes when looking for information. These keywords are essential. Hence, when you have good SEO practices, you also have well-defined and meaningful search queries. Without the right keywords, the websites cannot expect the right quantity and quality of traffic. This can be detrimental to the interests of the website in the short, medium and long term. It could make or break the success of any organization. Therefore keywords or search queries have a vital role to play because they help to provide revenue, publicity and create exposure that no other channel of marketing can perhaps do. Investing in good SEO practices is never revenue expenditure because it can provide one of the best rates of returns when one compares it with other types of conventional marketing and promotional activities.

Why Is It Not Possible To Find Sites Without SEO?

As a layman, many of us often ask the question as to why it is not possible to identify and find out sites without a proper SEO campaign. While search engines are incredibly efficient and smart, they need some help to do their jobs. The best search engines are always in a state of change and improvement. They still find out ways and means by which they can adopt better technologies that could help the search engines to crawl more in-depth into the web and come out with better results for the end users. However, the search engines have their limitation of operation. In such situations, the role of SEO specialists can help end users to get thousands of visitors. This could lead to better and improved attention. On the other hand, any wrongly conceived moved can bury your site deep into the abyss and the search results may not be able to offer the kind of results that one can expect.

Apart from helping search engines to gain access to quality contents in sites, search engine optimization also plays another important role in helping to boost rankings. This is vital because ranking helps information seekers to gain easy access to contents and websites that are relevant and useful to them. As the internet becomes more and more competitive, those companies who understand the importance of SEO will realize that they have a clear advantage of over other sites as far as a bringing more traffic and customers to their websites.

Are There DIY Ways Of SEO

There is no doubt that the world of search engine optimization is highly complex. However, once you put your mind to it, it would not be a challenging thing to understand, as far as the basics are concerned. Even gathering a small amount of knowledge could make a big difference. There are scores of articles and resources on the web that could help in educating oneself about SEO. There are expert guides on the subject who have contributed quite a bit by way of articles, real-life examples and so on. If you can combine this theoretical expertise with a little bit of practice, you could perhaps start the journey of becoming a search engine optimization guru all by yourself.

However, like all good things in life, it does require quite a bit of commitment, and you also should have the right willingness to learn. Further, there are some complexities concerning your websites. These complexities may be beyond your comprehension and understanding. In such situations, it would be better to approach an expert to handle specific areas of search engine optimization or the entire SEO related matters. The best thing about SEO education is that it is highly flexible. Many have specialized focus on the one hand, and there are others who are happy having a general and broader approach. However, in both cases, it would always be better to get started by having a reasonably good about the core concepts.

Reading And Understanding Is Vital

There is no doubt that search engine optimization is a broad subject. You can aspire even to get started as a beginner in SEO related matters without having the necessary knowledge. If you are serious about becoming a quality search engine optimization specialist, then the onus lies on your to gain access to online books and other resources. The good thing is that many of these books are available free and all you need to do is to ensure that you start reading the books from start to end. You will do yourself a huge favor if you can read through the contents more than once. This is because the first reading might give you only a general idea whereas repeated readings will help you to understand the essence of search engine optimization that much better.

The above information would have helped the readers to have some basic understanding of the meaning and scope of search engine optimization. It also might have maintained many readers to have a changed perspective and idea about the growing importance and significance of SEO for driving traffic, increasing brand awareness and end of the day, ensuring improved sales and revenues and much more. We will now try and understand as to how search engine optimization works on the ground.

How Does SEO Work?

When you want information about products, services or even about specific ideas and even for entertainment purposes, you use search engines to get the required information. You use keywords which are also known as search queries. The search engines have an algorithm working in the background. It works real time and based on various permutation and combinations; the search engine throws out the result that is considered to be the best. Powerful search engines like Google scans hundreds of billions of pages and then decides on a set of results that could be found as close as possible to your search queries.

Google and other such search engines have a well-defined way by which they can define the best results. However, no search engines would like to make public the inner workings as far as these algorithms are concerned. There are filed patents and other such statements from many search engines. Based on these inputs we can find out some salient points based on which the search engines rank websites and contents. We will have a look at a few of them for the benefit of our readers.

Relevancy: The relevance of the search results should be as close as possible as to the search queries posted by customers or information seekers. For examples, if you wish to have information on the best perfumes in the market, the search engine should not throw up information about garbage cans and bins. Hence, when information seekers input search queries, search engines like Google look for pages that are as close as possible to the keyword or search queries. However, there is one more point that we need to understand. The search engines do not rank the websites based on the keyword or search queries alone. This is because a search for perfume could throw up many hundred thousands of results. It would only be not possible for the search engines to list down all the hundred thousand results. This is where the ranking of the search engine results becomes extremely important. Therefore relevance of a keyword is the most crucial factor based on which search engine results are published.

Authority: As we have mentioned above, it would not be possible for search engines to list the results of all the results of a particular search. In such situations, the search engines have to depend on other parameters. The authority of the web page and the contents therein are considered to be vital when it comes to ranking pages and sites. Search engines like Google determine the quality and trustworthiness of the information available in the pages, and this is what authority all about. The next question that comes to our mind is how do the search engines know if the page is authoritative or not. This is done in many ways, and the number of pages that link to this page is one of the best techniques and options to establish authority. Hence, this is an essential point that any SEO professional must keep in mind. This helps a lot in optimizing contents, pages, and sites. In other words, the more links that a page has will ensure better search engine rankings.

Utility And Usefulness

Content has to be meaningful, relevant, and useful and should offer some utility value to the reader and information seekers. Hence, search engines always take care of the usefulness of the page or content. They would not like to position a content that is not useful or have utility value as far as the search queries or keywords are concerned. Here also Google and other reputed search engines have drawn a clear distinction between high-quality content and useful content. High-quality content may not always be useful content, and valuable content may not still be always high-quality content. This is a vital point that search engine optimization professionals must always bear in mind. They should always ensure that their clients’ pages have content that is useful rather than being high in quality as far as jargons and English or other languages are concerned. The contents and the information available in the pages should be appropriately structured with sectional breaks, sub-headings, titles, bullet points, and other such things.

Hence, these are some of the most important and vital points that one must always keep in mind when developing a good and efficient SEO strategy for the customers.

How To Ensure Higher Rankings – Few More Tips

Going by the above feedbacks, it is always better to look out for contents that are relevant and authoritative. Apart from this, there are a few more tips that might be worth considering. The onus should be to create a website that visitor love. Hence good SEO specialists must not be good at digital marketing alone. They should have the right experience and expertise as far as the quality of the websites is concerned. The look and feel of the sites should be good, and the navigation from one page to another and from one link to another must be effortless, seamless and easy. Search engines also take the design aspect into account while ranking pages and sites. The crawling technologies are so modern and developed that the search engines would be able to differentiate between good sites/page and not so good ones. You must, as an SEO service provider should ensure that the site of your client is always on the right side as far as search engine results are concerned.

Importance Of Customer Research And Keyword Research

While search engine professionals give quite a bit of importance to the subtler points of title tags and HTML, there is a need to also pay attention to customer research as well as keyword research. We will spend a few minutes trying to understand both these two critical parameters.

Customer Research

If you are an SEO professional helping out your customers for improving their traffic and overall improvement in search engine rankings, you will get started by understanding the business which the site owners are into. Hence, it is quite apparent that you will have a reasonably good idea about the exact phrases and words that are used for searching for information. This will make it easy to look for the right keywords, phrases and search queries that customers would be applying for getting into the correct page or websites. Therefore, you must start by researching the customers, the products they are looking at, their geographical locations, their preferred mode of purchase, the time that they spend on various sites and other such useful and critical information. When you can have a reasonably good fix on the above matters, you would be able to comfortably devise a good SEO program that is perfectly tuned and aligned with the need of customers or your customers. Without this being in place, your search engine optimization campaign could be moving around in circles.

The Importance Of Keywords

Once you have the customer profile, their buying habits, and other such useful details and information the time is now ripe for getting the right information and knowledge about keyword research. This is one of the essential functions and any search engine optimization professional. We might often come across dozens of articles talking about keyword research, keyword density, tag line keywords, and other such things. It would be interesting to try and get some idea about the same.

What exactly is keyword research and why is it so imperative and vital? Keyword research is being in a position to drill down deep and come out with the best possible combination and choices of keywords and keyword phrases. These are the most likely ones that customers would types into the search boxes of search engines while they are looking for some information and knowledge about certain products and services. This is a highly complex and time-consuming matter, and it takes quite a bit of time and effort. Keywords, according to SEO experts and specialists are generally classified into two major types.

They are keywords that are used by people to find information about products that you or your client is selling. These are referred to as product keywords. The next category is informational keywords. These are used by those information seekers who are not exactly looking for what you or your clients have to sell. They might be looking for general information about various other things. It could relate to sports, politics, news, current affairs, music, entertainment, health, general knowledge, space and technology and much more. Good SEO experts are those who can distinguish between the two and then coming out with the best possible digital marketing and search engine optimization strategies and plans.

Informational Keywords Within Products

We also must understand that within a product keyword you too could have information keywords nestled below it. For example, product keyword searches could be “best badminton rackets.” Under this broad product range, you could have informational keywords. It could be about information about gripping the badminton racket, how services are made, backhand racket holding, forehand racket holding and other such things. This is vital when it comes to developing keywords that are specific and something that meets the exact needs and requirements of valued customers.

How To Identify The Right Keywords And Keyword Phrases

We are happy to share some useful information about some time tested and proven tips for identifying the right keywords, phrases, and keyword combinations. There are many tools and helping hands that you could make use of as an SEO specialist. Google Autocomplete is one such tool that could come in handy for all those who are looking for the right keywords. When you start typing the search queries or keywords, you will get a bunch of suggestions and recommendations. For example, if you type obesity and carbohydrates, you could get many ideas from which you could make a list of the most effective keywords.

Answer The Public

This is another important tip that could be helpful to you in identifying the right keywords. Answer the Public is used by all reputed and experienced search engine optimization specialists and professionals. This is a free tool and could play a significant role in helping you to find informational keywords in particular. This tool is merely outstanding because it will throw out some questions based on one input. For example, if you input why vitamins and minerals are essential, you will get a host of related questions. These could be “why people suffer from a vitamin deficiency?” or also “How to overcome vitamin and mineral deficiencies?” or even “What are the natural sources of quality vitamins and minerals?” amongst other things.

The Importance Of Keyword Research Tool

Keyword tools are useful aids. This is because they could help SEO professionals to find out how many people look for each keyword, phrases and so on. These tools will also let you know as to how easy or difficult it will be for the search engines to rank the content, page, or site based on such keywords and keyword phrases. If you spend some time and do your research, you will be able to come across dozens of keyword research tools. A few of them are Keyword tool.io, SEMRush, Moz Keyword Explorer, Seed Keywords and Keywords Everywhere Extension amongst others. However, experts are of the view that Google’s Keyword Planner is one of the best and for many, it is arguably the best. Though Keyword Planner was primarily designed for Google Ads campaign, it can still be considered very useful for planning SEO specific keywords and keyword phrases. All you have to do is to enter a keyword, and the Google Keyword Planner will give a list of feasible alternative with the relevant volume range. This could be one of the best ways forward to design the best of search engine campaigns. You will be able to zero in on specific keywords that are effective, relevant, and effective. Yes, this indeed is a process of hits and misses and trials and errors. However, there is hardly any doubt that it could be instrumental. As an SEO professional, you will be able to come out with the best of keywords.

The World Of Long Tail Words

Many of us would have come across the term, long tail keywords, and this could be useful for those who are new to SEO. There are some inherent advantages of these long tail keywords. They are less competitive than in short keywords. Single word keywords are incredibly competitive, and keywords with two or three-word phrases follow them. Anything from four words and above is considered as long tail keywords/phrases, and they are less competitive. If you are a beginner to search engine optimization, you will do well to get started with long tail keywords. Once you are a bit comfortable with your search engine optimization progress, you could go in for more competitive short keywords. Again, this will not happen overnight, and it is bound to take some time and effort. You will, as an SEO service provider, have to go through the phase of hits and misses and trials and errors.

The Importance Of Content

There is no denying the fact that quality search engine optimization and contents are closely related. Search engines always place quality contents right up there as far as search engine results are concerned. The crawling technology is designed that way. While it is desirable, it might not always be probable. You must know precisely the difference between good content and not so good content. How does an SEO professional go about it?

Follow A Proven Rule Of The Thumb

When you write contents for products and services, you must be sure that they are of high quality. However, brevity is, and your product content should not run into pages, as it happens in a blog. Your objective should be to come out with contents that can convert browsers into potential leads and the same should eventually lead up to a sale and generate revenues for your clients. High-quality content is a big subject, and you have to learn and unlearn quite a few things. The content should be catchy, well structured and catch the attention of the readers from the first few sentences. It should be written in decent English, and you must try and avoid grammatical mistakes and flawed sentence structures amongst other things.

The Final Word

In fine, there is no doubt that SEO as a part of digital marketing continues to be as relevant as it was around thirty years ago. The contour remains the same, and it is all about driving more traffic to websites and also ensuring higher search engine ranking. The world of social media has added a new dimension to search engine optimization, and today search engine professionals should take care of providing quality content in social media platforms with audio-visual representation wherever necessary.