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seo freelancer ottawa

My name is Isaac, and I offer SEO Freelance services that deliver dependable results.

We specialize in growing your organic web traffic and rankings to convert your product or service into leads.

Organic Traffic & Technical SEO Fixes

My process has been mapped out and honed to get guaranteed results.

My optimization process:

  1. Technical SEO fixes (SEO Audit)
  2. On-Page optimization (using Correlation SEO)
  3. Schema Integration (Semantic SEO)
  4. Internal Link Optimization
  5. Backlink Building
  6. Rank Tracking

What doe this mean? (in simple English)

I scan your website for errors that need fixing, compare your content to pages that rank #1 for that search term. Making your page better; adding keyword-rich words, images, adding code that Search engines understand, creating more links to the page (which signals value to search engines) while tracking the progress so you can see your return on investment.

Understanding the terminology:

What is Technical SEO?

Technical Search Engine Optimization fixes issues that keep your site from ranking. These technical errors could be anything from setting 404 (error pages) to adding XML sitemaps so search crawlers can scan your website correctly.

Technical SEO Errors - Freelancers in Ottawa
Technical SEO

What is Correlation SEO?

Correlating SEO analyzes various ranking factors to determine which factors have a significant impact on rankings. This data comes from reverse engineering the search engine results page (SERP)—it looks at what top-performing pages are doing that you aren’t.

Correlating Search Engine Optimization
Correlating SEO

To optimize your page, I look at what kinds of pages rank best (e.g., long-form vs. quick answers), what kind of media they contain (e.g., graphics, lists, etc.), topics they cover, and what words and phrases are the most commonly used.

What is Semantic SEO?

Semantic search refers to a search engine’s ability to consider the intent and contextual meaning of search phrases when serving content to users on the web. At one time, search engines could only analyze a search term’s exact phrasing when matching results with a search query.

Semantic SEO Services
Semantic SEO

These contextual meanings would allow a computer to understand the differences between Orange the fruit or Orange color.


“Beyond amazing! Isaac took such interest in the success of my company. I was quite literally blown away. He truly went above and beyond. His expertise is second to none.”

Marilyn B.

“Isaac is my go-to for anything web-related. I design websites myself, but without the support of Isaac, I wouldn’t be half as good as I am at delivering a quality product to my clients. He’s always willing to help, inform and make suggestions. Would be lost some days without him.”

Tom L.

Getting Started

Now you know how valuable my digital marketing and SEO services are for technical SEO, On-page optimization, online presence building, and content creation. You can increase your existing pages’ effectiveness, grow your business, and improve the success rate of new content by contacting me now ([email protected]) or booking my services online. My base rate is $100/hr for a la carte services, and I service clients in and around Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. You can learn more about me on social media.

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