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Are you Addicted?

Full sized image: smartphone-addiction The World Inside Our Phones The thing that has made the smartphone so addictive is the number of uses for these cellular devices. The smartphone is not something that is just for calling people anymore. Most people that have smartphones will go for days without actually making any phone calls. So… Read More

How Zero-Click Searches Are Impacting Your SEO Strategy

As a business owner building and managing an SEO campaign, you’re always looking for keyword opportunities you can take advantage of. But what you may not be aware of is the fact that you may be targeting keywords that result in zero-click searches. A Zero-click search is when users type in and enter the search… Read More

How Real Feedback From Real People Can Help Websites

The Algorithm Update Google is once again using a new broad core algorithm. This significantly impacted different countries, categories, and sites. This is being referred to as the Google Medic Update. Google uses three factors to determine the trust placed on websites and brands. These are expertise, authority, and trust (EAT). This is to provide… Read More

How to Find and Fix Keyword Cannibalization Issues

Anyone who builds a website for a few years and is interested in SEO will eventually run into the idea of keyword cannibalization. The phrase refers to having multiple pages that target the same focus keywords. When this happens, various issues may arise. According to some famous SEO theorists, two pages targeting the same page… Read More

Local SEO For Multiple Locations

Utilize This Unique SEO Strategy for Multiple Locations  Solve future problems of obtaining new leads and increasing company revenue. Local SEO is one of the most important modern marketing strategies that your business should use to capture new leads. There are unique ways to help your business with this strategy if you have multiple locations… Read More

Evergreen Content: What is it, Why you need it, and How to create it

What is Evergreen Content? Evergreen content gets its name from the variety of pine trees known as ‘Evergreens.’ These trees don’t lose their leaves in the winter; instead, they have green pine needles that remain on the tree year-round. Evergreen content, thus, is an analogy. It is content that doesn’t age or lose relevancy, regardless… Read More

Why you shouldn’t delete old content

What You Should Do With Old Content That’s Not Getting Traffic As a content creator, have you ever looked at some of your old content and wondered why your new content is getting so much more traffic than your aged articles? If you did, then you are not alone. Knowing why old content dies off… Read More

Cyber Security Guide for Campaign Teams

In any election year, candidates, and their corresponding campaigners, usually face an array of challenges which range from recruiting new members, raising funds, and the ever relentless demands from media houses. Most campaigners generally view these challenges as regular hurdles, mainly because they have been accustomed to them. However, a new trend of security flaws… Read More

Protecting High-Value Information

While business has been conducted in mostly the same manner throughout time, new challenges have presented themselves in the 21st century. Many companies have migrated at least some of their operations into a digital space. While there are endless benefits to using the internet in business, there are also some concerns. Cyber-attacks have become increasingly… Read More

Cybersecurity tips for small businesses

If you own and operate a small business, then you have probably seen how valuable technology can be. Unfortunately, not everything about being connected to the world is as positive; that’s why cybersecurity is crucial to your success. It might seem intimidating to navigate the often complicated topic, but the basics of keeping you as… Read More