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Cyber Security Guide for Campaign Teams

In any election year, candidates, and their corresponding campaigners, usually face an array of challenges which range from recruiting new members, raising funds, and the ever relentless demands from media houses. Most campaigners generally view these challenges as regular hurdles, mainly because they have been accustomed to them. However, a new trend of security flaws… Read More

Protecting High-Value Information

While business has been conducted in mostly the same manner throughout time, new challenges have presented themselves in the 21st century. Many companies have migrated at least some of their operations into a digital space. While there are endless benefits to using the internet in business, there are also some concerns. Cyber-attacks have become increasingly… Read More

Cybersecurity tips for small businesses

If you own and operate a small business, then you have probably seen how valuable technology can be. Unfortunately, not everything about being connected to the world is as positive; that’s why cybersecurity is crucial to your success. It might seem intimidating to navigate the often complicated topic, but the basics of keeping you as… Read More

Five practical ways to make yourself cybersafe

Most of us are probably aware that cyber security is a big issue in this age of the Internet. The Internet is also cluttered with information on the topic; however, most people are unaware that the majority of security breaches occur due to our simple mistakes. While reminders about cyber-attacks and countless breaches are frequent,… Read More

Why You Shouldn’t Rank Your Homepage

The Negative Aspect of Ranking a Homepage One of the biggest SEO mistakes a business can make is attempting to optimize their homepage for keyword rankings. Not only can this substantially decrease the ranking of the business to achieve what they want, but it can also be detrimental to their overall rankings. The key reasons… Read More

What Is Content Syndication & How Does It Work?

Do you have some particularly great content? This doesn’t just mean a piece that you love, but one that is achieving great results. Your audience loves it, the search engines love it, and you are getting a lot of traffic off of this page. These are the real winners. It’s where you’ve managed to reach… Read More

4 Strategies to Boost Your Google Rankings

Search engine optimization is a subtle art. People lose patience with the details that can create a fantastic search engine optimization strategy. It’s understandable. When you are running a website, you want to focus on a flashy design with lots of neat features, brand new content that gets your audience excited, and you want to… Read More

All Links are Not Created Equal: How Google evaluates links

We’ve all been taught that links are great for SEO. And that’s why we work so hard to generate as many as possible. But here’s what many internet marketers don’t realize: links can do just as much harm as they can do good. Some experts recommend avoiding them altogether. Why is this? Well, it turns… Read More

Different types of Negative SEO

Even when you do everything right, SEO can seem frustrating. You spend a lot of time and money on SEO, but results may seem elusive. Sometimes, you succeed. When you see a steady stream of traffic arriving at your site from Google, you naturally feel good. You’ve finally done it! You prepare yourself for increased… Read More

Useful Infosec Tools

As we near closer to the impending arrival of the global accessibility to the internet, only the U.S. governments efforts towards obtaining the atomic bomb rival the amount time and effort invested in innovation and R&D (Research and Development) regarding cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is the protection of computers and their data from malicious software attacks. Information… Read More