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Just saw an article I would like to read, but I noticed it was set up that you had to give all of your information to the business. Normally, I don’t mind, but this time I found how much I had to give away (personal information) wasn’t worth the skimming I’d most…(Read More)

Protecting your brand


One of the most important things when setting up your Adwords account is to exclude any websites that might tarnish your reputation. Namely, Breitbart News. To exclude websites from all of your campaigns automatically, go to Shared library >> Account placement exclusions >> +ADD Fake News websites…(Read More)

Digital Marketing Tips


Here are some tips for a winning marketing campaign: Stop looking for the latest tool / app. Refine your Catchment – where do 90% of your sales come from? Exclude big cities that will eat up your budget. Build look-alike lists, use them. Do less on Adwords, Invest in Facebook & Instagram advertising. Don’t make…(Read More)