Installing Roots Trellis / Bedrock / Sage


Not sure how I feel about –> The tutorials seem super easy, but I noticed you can quickly run into issues. What doesn’t help is that I can’t really find any reviews / user tutorials past 2016, the Roots discourse forum appears to be a bubble (not accepting new or differing ideas), and I heard the founder is difficult; but some big websites still use it.

Apparently, Laravel Valet is where its at!

Still, I spent the morning learning how to use it, and wanted to share what worked for me (Mac Pro 4,1 – High Sierra).

Getting started, first you need to install these dependencies (or, make sure they are up-to-date):

Setting up a Project

In terminal, Make a new directory:
mkdir ~/Sites

Add a web folder:
mkdir && cd

Clone Trellis:
git clone --depth=1 && rm -rf trellis/.git

Clone Bedrock:
git clone --depth=1 site && rm -rf site/.git

Install Sage:
composer create-project roots/sage site/web/app/themes/sage

Local Setup

Go to the root directory (up one folder):
cd ..

Add Roots Example Project:
git clone

Install the components:

composer install
yarn && yarn build
cd ../../../../..
cd trellis
vagrant up

Test the WP install roots-example-project.test

To shut down the server: vagrant halt

Setting up Staging / Production servers will have to be in another post.

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