How Real Feedback From Real People Can Help Websites

The Algorithm Update Google is once again using a new broad core algorithm. This significantly impacted different countries, categories, and sites. This is being referred to as the Google Medic Update. Google uses three factors to determine the trust placed on websites and brands. These are expertise, authority, and trust (EAT). This is to provide… Read More

How to Find and Fix Keyword Cannibalization Issues

Anyone who builds a website for a few years and is interested in SEO will eventually run into the idea of keyword cannibalization. The phrase refers to having multiple pages that target the same focus keywords. When this happens, various issues may arise. According to some famous SEO theorists, two pages targeting the same page… Read More

Local SEO For Multiple Locations

Utilize This Unique SEO Strategy for Multiple Locations  Solve future problems of obtaining new leads and increasing company revenue. Local SEO is one of the most important modern marketing strategies that your business should use to capture new leads. There are unique ways to help your business with this strategy if you have multiple locations… Read More

Evergreen Content: What is it, Why you need it, and How to create it

What is Evergreen Content? Evergreen content gets its name from the variety of pine trees known as ‘Evergreens.’ These trees don’t lose their leaves in the winter; instead, they have green pine needles that remain on the tree year-round. Evergreen content, thus, is an analogy. It is content that doesn’t age or lose relevancy, regardless… Read More

Why you shouldn’t delete old content

What You Should Do With Old Content That’s Not Getting Traffic As a content creator, have you ever looked at some of your old content and wondered why your new content is getting so much more traffic than your aged articles? If you did, then you are not alone. Knowing why old content dies off… Read More

Why You Shouldn’t Rank Your Homepage

The Negative Aspect of Ranking a Homepage One of the biggest SEO mistakes a business can make is attempting to optimize their homepage for keyword rankings. Not only can this substantially decrease the ranking of the business to achieve what they want, but it can also be detrimental to their overall rankings. The key reasons… Read More

What Is Content Syndication & How Does It Work?

Do you have some particularly great content? This doesn’t just mean a piece that you love, but one that is achieving great results. Your audience loves it, the search engines love it, and you are getting a lot of traffic off of this page. These are the real winners. It’s where you’ve managed to reach… Read More

4 Strategies to Boost Your Google Rankings

Search engine optimization is a subtle art. People lose patience with the details that can create a fantastic search engine optimization strategy. It’s understandable. When you are running a website, you want to focus on a flashy design with lots of neat features, brand new content that gets your audience excited, and you want to… Read More

All Links are Not Created Equal: How Google evaluates links

We’ve all been taught that links are great for SEO. And that’s why we work so hard to generate as many as possible. But here’s what many internet marketers don’t realize: links can do just as much harm as they can do good. Some experts recommend avoiding them altogether. Why is this? Well, it turns… Read More

Different types of Negative SEO

Even when you do everything right, SEO can seem frustrating. You spend a lot of time and money on SEO, but results may seem elusive. Sometimes, you succeed. When you see a steady stream of traffic arriving at your site from Google, you naturally feel good. You’ve finally done it! You prepare yourself for increased… Read More