Cyber Security Quiz

Cyber Security Quiz

These questions will help determine your business's primary status concerning cybersecurity. Answering these questions before reading the guide will help you decide which sections to focus your attention on.

These questions are based on the assumption that your business (irrespective of its size):
- Uses computers for business purposes.
- Uses mobile computing or communications devices for business purposes.
- Connects some or all of those devices to the Internet for business purposes.
- May also have an internal network, used to share applications software, peripheral devices (such as printers) and information within your business.
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  • Technical Questions

  • Results

    If your score was 0-to-15, then you should consider reading this whole guide, as soon as you can. Then, consult with others in the business to begin planning and implementing cyber security in your store.

    If your score was 16-to-30, then it's safe to say that your business has done some work concerning cybersecurity. However, you likely need to do more and should read the guide with a particular focus on those areas where you scored low.

    If your score was 31-to-45, then your business has made good progress in several areas of Cybersecurity. However, new threats are continually developing, and it will be essential to consider the topics in this guide still and discuss next steps (as appropriate).
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