Best Discord Bots for Online Communities

Best Discord Bots for Online Communities

Discord bots are an excellent tool to increase user engagement. These bots enable you to perform a wide range of activities, from welcoming new members to moderating users.

Discord was primarily dedicated to gamers, but marketers are finding innovative ways to grow their user base.

I know of two notable non-gaming Discord servers: Yammie Noob (Motorcycle) and Linus Tech Tips (Computers).

Linus Tech Tips Discord Server
Linus Tech Tips Discord Server

Discord servers are an excellent way to grow your user-base past usual social media channels.

How does discord work?

So how does Discord work? Like other chat groups like Slack and chat apps, Discord allows you to set up a chat room (aka Server), where you can invite people to join, where you can either text or voice chat with each other.

Discord is getting so popular because many official games like Fortnite and Survivor are using the servers to communicate. It is very cheap, and it is free to start a server. It also contains no ads, so that way you can chat freely.

How does Discord makes money?

Discord makes money from its Nitro subscription packages. Other sources of income include server boosting and fees it receives from games sold on its servers. The core app remains free of charge, meaning users only pay when trying to access premium features.

How do Discord bans work?

A banned user’s account is removed from the server; their account, IP address, and phone number are banned from joining. To prevent ban evasion, any accounts that are using the banned user’s IP address and phone number won’t be able to join.

What Are Discord Bots?

Discord Bots are preconfigured server actions that automate numerous tasks and commands on your server to interact with humans.

Some automated tasks include:

  • Welcoming new members (discord welcome bot)
  • Moderating content
  • Banning rule breakers

Maintaining a community server is a lot of work; Discord bots are a great way to increase user engagement + user-interaction without overloading your workload.

These tips can be offering pre-recorded videos, hosting live events, and teaching people on niche-specific topics in a safe, moderated environment.

Discord Bots
Discord App

Bots can add engagement by adding memes, games, music, and other pieces of entertaining content for your members.

The key is to know what to add to your bot settings—enhancing user engagement while adding better community engagement. A poor setup could lose your paying clients.

How to Add a Discord Bot

Adding a discord bot is pretty simple and straightforward:

Step 1 – Enable Administrator Access

To add bots to your Discord Server, you will need Administrator access on that server. Just because you are a user on discord, this does not mean you have admin rights.

To enable admin access:

  1. Log into discord, select the target server. This setting is found on the left-hand side of the screen.
  2. Click on Server Settings
  3. Select Roles
  4. Under General Permissions – toggle Administrator on
  5. Save your changes

Step 2 – Install Discord Bots

Depending on the bot website, you will see “Invite” or “Add Bots.”

  1. Locate the bot that you’ll add to your server and login using your Discord credentials
  2. Click on “Invite” or “Add Bot”
  3. Select the target server
  4. Follow the prompts, enabling bot permission access (authentication tokens)
  5. Authorize the bot (connection to discord)
  6. Complete the Captcha

Useful Bots for Discord

The key to success with Discord marketing is to use the most helpful bot for your market niche.

Community Hubs Beta

The Community Hubs Discord bot connects and shares information between servers, bringing two communities together, giving the ability to combine different audiences across multiple genres. It can also add a live stream to numerous channels simultaneously; this would be useful for two overlapping topics and merging discord communities.

Dank Memer

Memes fuel the internet; the Dank Memer bot it’s a great way to grow engagement with users, adding humor and a simple and effective way to reach them at a personal level.

Dank Memer
Dank Memer


As the name suggests, GiveawayBot helps you to host giveaways on your channel. Using simple commands allows you to start, pick a winner, and end a giveaway.

Hosting giveaways is the fastest and easiest way to grow users.

MEE6 – Discord Welcome Bot

MEE6 is the most extensive Discord bot available, automatically setting up commands that provide users with roles and send messages in the main channels.

With a few basic commands, you can welcome new members onto the server, auto-assign roles, and explain the server’s rules without having to do anything manually.

This tool prevents self-promoted ads, marketing on discord, unwanted links, or spam, allowing you to grow your tight-knit community where everyone is included.



Musibeth bot for discord enables you to play YouTube content directly on discord, allowing you to provide videos for frequently asked questions, allowing you to spend more time building the community and less time answering the same question repeatedly.


ProBot is a Discord bot that gives you the ability to automatically set welcome messages, greeting new users with a customized message to showcase your channel.

Probot also allows you to detect bad behavior and provide warnings. Those warnings can automatically kick users out and keep your group on the topic.


Quillbot is a paraphrasing bot that automatically takes the written text and rewrites it for you. These functions help with featured snippets, quoted text, and content spinning.


Spixx creates quick commands for memes, music, and games. This bot allows users to quickly and easily share meme-worthy GIFs for reactions. Similar to Slack Community comment reactions.


Voicy has a constantly updated library of more than 50,000 comic effect sound clips from their network. Making it faster, more expressive, and fun to communicate.

New Discord Bots

While this isn’t one specific bot, you can search for other bots that can fit your marketing needs at Be sure to entirely research a new bot before adding it to your channel. Advanced bots can be found on the Carbonitex website, which is considered one of Discord bots’ best repositories.


Using Discord bots is a unique but powerful digital marketing strategy that can be used to grow your online community. I’d love to hear if you’ve started a discord server and how it has affected your digital marketing strategy.


Why won’t discord open or not connecting?

Fix Discord Not Opening – Close Discord in Task Manager and Restart It. Tap the Process tab, and find the Discord application. Then click the End Task button at the right-bottom to kill the background Discord process; after, you can restart discord to see if it now opens and works.

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