Google adds short names and URLs to Google My Business listings

It’s Your Google Name, and It’s Much Shorter This Time

Google finally rolls it out; the simplest way to do business is with a name that everyone can remember and, maybe even more critical, say. Hence, it’s called “short names.” That daunting task of sharing the URL string of your Google-My-Business page has been lifted. You won’t be the only one relieved. If you don’t know about the prior My-Business URL, which used more numbers in it than your bank card, it’s because no one could use it.

Google My Business
Google My Business

What the new-short name promises is to share your brand without that tinge of embarrassment, with no stutter on your tongue and with no second-guessing involved. The Google-My-Business page is a great business asset, for it can now be promoted off and online. The “off” part was the most interesting piece of the new promise. The idea of “print” gives us a business model that we’ve yet to see with Google. You have to imagine this: your business cards, postcards and invitations get marked with your short URL and then passed around. The “at-least-five-letter” string can be written with a catchy undertone that rings in the minds of your leads.

Still, we should take the news in stride, for, for the time being, Google has limited who can and who can’t convert their URLs. Its promises still hold true, but if you’re expecting to convert more-than-one page, then you won’t have a bulk online form to do it with. Every page is done individually, and the work, being highly anticipated by the public market, is sure to make branding easier. Expect SEO to improve whether your work is intentional or haphazard. The reason is simple; you get the direct say over what your link says. Anyone wanting to boost their SEO only needs to put the time in to uncover the best possible key terms.

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