Creating a YouTube channel is quite easy. You add your name, post a description, and upload a few videos. This is the mentality that a lot of people have, thinking that’s all they need to make it big.

Sadly, people fall short of their goal because they don’t know or understand the one thing that’s needed to make a YouTube channel grow: subscribers. Having individuals who love what you have to say is the key to expanding your brand.

This article will walk you through various techniques on how to get more YouTube subscribers.

Detailed Channel Description

One of the best ways to get someone to subscribe to your channel is to have a detailed description of what your videos will discuss. The information you provide will determine if they will join your community or keep scrolling to the next person who shares the same material.

Ed Sheeran's YouTube description
Ed Sheeran's YouTube description

Some YouTubers will have short, one or two sentences that introduce themselves and what they like. This kind of information doesn’t share the specifics a person needs to make them subscribe to your channel.

There are four specific items you want to cover in your description:

An Overview of the Channel

The first thing you want to tell someone when they come to your channel is what it is about. Your first sentence or paragraph should briefly explain who you are and give an overview of what will be discussed.

Information Covered

Your second paragraph will go into more detail on what you plan on sharing. This will let the reader know if your topic is something of interest to them.

Who You’re Targeting

When starting a business, you want to identify who will want to hear your message and eventually buy your product. Knowing what kind of people you want to target (young, old, blue-collar, white-collar, etc.) is essential if you’re going to grow your brand.

✿ Kids Diana Show
✿ Kids Diana Show

A Direct CTA or Call To Action

Now that you’ve explained who you are and what your channel is about, it’s time to get them to subscribe. Your call to action is to tell them to click on the subscribe button and the notification bell to be notified when you post another video.

Channel Trailer

YouTube added an option to create a trailer for your channel within the last few years. This trailer is like a demo reel of the work you plan to present. There are three things you should include in your video:

Channel Tagline

“Have It Your Way,” “Only Pay for What You Need,” and “Just Do It” are just some examples of memorable taglines that businesses use to stand out from the crowd. People new to your channel will quickly understand what you offer if you say your tagline within the first few seconds of the trailer.

60 Seconds

The first video you want people to see shouldn’t be a one-hour movie. You want to quickly tell them what they can expect in 60 seconds or less.

Best Material

Since you don’t have a lot of time to go through every piece of work you’ve done, pick out the best content you have made and strategically add it in your trailer.

You can be as creative as you like in this one minute clip. Just make sure it makes sense and has a good CTA.


Channel Icon

Branding is everything when it comes to any business, and this is the same on YouTube. A channel icon is a small thumbnail that identifies you whenever a video of yours pops up.

The image you use has to be specific and makes sense. If you are your brand, take a high-resolution headshot. If you have a company, your logo will suffice.

When your topic shows up time and time again through someone’s YouTube feed, they are more likely to recognize you and click on that video. They will also be more inclined to subscribe to your channel.

10+ Minute Videos

Just like on Google, people tend to search for quick information on YouTube. They want to find something five minutes or less so they can move on to something else.


However, some want to delve deep into a specific topic and are willing to sit for 10 minutes or more. Videos like this would have to be planned and edited well to keep that potential subscribers’ attention. Here are three steps to take when creating a long video:


Whether it’s link building, meditating, or photoshopping a face, you want to make sure you have all the information necessary to complete the process so your viewers will know exactly what to do.

Write a Script

Seasoned actors and actresses need a script to read and practice before pulling off a good scene. Whether you’re talking in front or behind the camera, making sure your message comes across clearly is essential.


There’s no need for spending thousands of dollars on high tech equipment to film your video. If you have a smartphone and natural sunlight, you can start recording yourself.

Pattern Cuts for Watch Time

Now that you have your video made, it’s time to do some editing. Next to being informative in your content, increasing the Watch Time of our videos is very important.

Watch Time is how long a person watches your video. The longer they watch, the more likely YouTube will promote your video to others. This will cause more people to see it and increase your chances of adding more subscribers.

The best way to keep a persons’ attention is to add pattern cuts throughout the video. These pattern cuts include:

  • Cutaways
  • Zooming In or Out
  • Transitions

Sitting in front of a camera and talking non-stop might cause your audience to get distracted and click on another video. Any interruption will add to your watch time.

Promote Other Videos

There could be one video of yours that has thousands of views with even more shares. Since this one has become popular, why not promote your other fresh videos?

At the end of each video, you’ll want to leave around ten extra seconds. Use the End Screen Editor to add the “next video” link. Select a video or two, and you’ll see the thumbnail for that video pop up towards the end of the current video.

Call To Action – CTA

Before promoting your other videos, your goal is to get people to do something before they finish watching the current video. Just like we discussed in the Channel Description, you want to have a call to action.

Telling people to share your video, subscribe to your channel, or sign up for your free ebook are examples of a CTA. Regardless of which action you use above, you’ll get more YouTube subscribers just by instructing them to do so

Reply to Comments/Heart Comments

The content you’ve published (if done well) will make people want to comment below it. People are expressing their gratitude for resolving a problem they had, and the best way to gain more YouTube Subscribers is to either reply to their comment or like it.

YouTube will add a heart to a comment you liked, letting that person know you read what they had to say. Interacting with your audience will improve your chances of gaining more views and subscribers.