Here is a super quick tutorial on how to add a sFTP user to a domain hosted on WPEngine:

  1. Login to your WPEngine portal:
sign in
sign in

2. Select your Account (if you have more than one).

switch account
switch account

3. Look for your domain you want to setup a sFTP user for, select the environment (Production, Staging, Development)

setup enviroments
domain environment

4. Click on sFTP users link in your given environment.

sftp users

5. Click on the Create SFTP user button.

sftp creds
create sFTP user

6. Add a desired username, a valid password, and select the environment.

add user
add SFTP user

7. Record the sFTP login settings.

Important to note, WPEngine uses Port 2222 (not the standard Port 22), and if you are new to this, FTP and sFTP are different, so be sure you enter the correct settings in your coding editor.