How Yoast Offers a New Schema Markup With Its Latest Update

Yoast SEO is offering a revamped Schema markup with its most recent update, version 11.0.

Rather than helping your content rank higher, Schema markup makes your listings look better on the search page.

How Yoast Offers a New Schema Markup With Its Latest Update
How Yoast Offers a New Schema Markup With Its Latest Update

Anyone using WordPress with the Yoast SEO plugin can now access the revamped schema version. Putting it into practice comes with several benefits, including:

  • Information Knowledge Panel.
  • Added support for Pinterest Pins.
  • Google News listing support.
  • Product descriptions in search results (e-commerce only).
  • Local listing snippet (for those that use Yoast Local SEO).

Looking across the wider horizon, organizing information in a manner that can be more easily digested by machines may one day enable platforms and software to do more with your content.

Fragmented Schema Creates Problems for Search Engines

When Schema markup is fragmented, search engines have trouble interpreting the information. As more websites begin using Schema markup, pages with fragmented Schema will probably become more and more common.

Fragmented Schema makes it much harder for search engines to figure things out. As an example, a search engine may not be able to select the main product from a sales page of an e-commerce site. In this case, the search results would display a random item instead.

Yoast claims that their newest implementation eliminates guesswork for search engines and gives extra information allowing them to make better decisions. That means better results for you and your content!

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