Keyword Placement

Curious about how to optimize your Onpage Keyword strategy? For this exercise I will show you the proper techniques to proper populate your webpage with keywords, I will use “Eddie Bauer” as the keyword, with multiple subcategories.

In your keyword research, you’d be looking at a list similar to this:

  • Eddie Bauer
  • Eddie Bauer Ottawa
  • Eddie Bauer Clothing
  • Eddie Bauer Mens
  • Eddie Bauer Mens Clothing
  • Eddie Bauer Mens Collection

When targeting various terms & phrases on an individual page, here is how you’d want to incorporate those terms:

Title Tag:
Eddie Bauer Ottawa – Men’s Clothing Collections 2019 |

Meta Description:
A Complete Selection of Eddie Bauer Ottawa Men’s Clothing with Apparel & Accessories. In Stock Now with Fast, Free Shipping.

H1 Header Tag:
Eddie Bauer Ottawa | Men’s Clothing Collection

H2 Subheader:
The Eddie Bauer Men’s Collection features classic British tailoring with fun, modern fabrics and designs.

Using this formula you’ve got a great chance to rank for at least half a dozen different phrases on an individual page.

What NOT to Do:

The most frequent mistake we see with multiple phrase targeting is to use tactics like this:

Eddie Bauer, Eddie Bauer Ottawa, Eddie Bauer Clothing, Eddie Bauer Men’s Clothing, Eddie Bauer Clothing Collection – Buy Online Now at

Meta Description:
Eddie Bauer On Sale. Eddie Bauer Men’s, Eddie Bauer Clothing, Eddie Bauer Collection, Eddie Bauer Online.

Search engines are getting smarter, this trick (of keyword stuffing) may have worked well back in the day, but today, this is seen as keyword overoptimization.

So how many terms/phrases should I use on a page?

As many as makes sense for a user or a possible consumer.