Businesses aren't always in one set location, nor do they always follow a specific trend. Businesses can be all over the place, from small towns to big cities, to offering services state-wide. This can make it very difficult to optimize your website for multiple locations for SEO.

How to setup Multi-Location Local SEO Strategies

Before setting up a specific URL structure and building out local location pages for SEO lead generation, own your city first. Owning your city means be a formidable competitor in your market before trying to take over a country, state, or province in the SERPs (search engine result pages).

When building your location pages, add value to your visitors, including location information, the visitor might find useful. If you can replace the name city name in the text and have it still make sense, it's a poorly written location page.

Home Depot have great location page examples
Home Depot have great location page examples

Structuring your Pages

Create short siloed URLs structure available, leaving room to grow; this means not having to add unnecessary parent pages:





After setting up your silo, link the parent pages to its children. In the example above, "California" would be the parent, "Pasadena" is the child. This will optimize your link score + crawl tree analysis.

After launching the new pages, watch for which pages gain traction and which do not. Compare the differences in performance.

In addition to optimizing each webpage, each location should be listed as a separate location in Google My Business listings. Each location needs to have reviews from local customers. Lastly, be sure to build local business listings (citations) and backlinks for each location.

Google My Business Listings
Google My Business Listings

Working With Professionals

It's a struggle to figure out all the parameters required to create a website that performs to your company's needs. While you're working through the daily operations that keep your company afloat, you might find it challenging to manage your own SEO needs.