Utilize This Unique SEO Strategy for Multiple Locations

Solve future problems of obtaining new leads and increasing company revenue. Local SEO is one of the most important modern marketing strategies that your business should use to capture new leads. There are unique ways to help your business with this strategy if you have multiple locations for your company.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is one of the most important digital marketing strategies that your business must utilize to get the attention of new customers. The reason it’s so important is that nearly half of the searches on Google are for local businesses, which means you will be missing out on a large portion of your potential market share by neglecting this vital marketing strategy. The entire process of optimizing your website for search engine use might still sound like an overwhelming ordeal, but there are a few simple tips that every business owner can take to help their company perform well in its local markets.

It’s nice to have a customer show up to your store (or website) with the intention to make a purchase. This is every business owner’s dream when they set out to provide their products and services to their community. Using local SEO strategies provides an opportunity for your business to show up in the top search results when a consumer searches for a similar product or service in your company’s neighborhood. The advantages of local SEO strategies are multiplied by; however, many business locations your company provides to shoppers, so marketing professionals have found a way to make the most out of having multiple business locations.

If you’re running the company yourself, you need to pay attention to this information because you’ll need to make the changes to appeal to customers that are searching from a place near each of your business locations. If you don’t think that you’re able to make the changes on your own, you should still read this information to have a better idea of how to speak to a marketing professional about your company’s needs. In both cases, your company will be taking in a higher volume of leads than usual, so you might need to train more employees to help deal with all the new customers showing up at your store.

The Need for Local SEOs for Multiple Locations

The types of businesses that will need to improve their local SEO strategy to reflect multiple locations are companies that have various physical locations, and companies that service multiple areas should address this need as well. Even if your business doesn’t have a location in a particular area, you should still take advantage of the opportunity to market to every geographic area in which your business provides its services. There’s virtually no limit to the number of local SEOs that a company might have, and each local SEO will get more customers in that specific location interested in your company’s offerings. To get the most out of this marketing strategy, you need to do the responsible thing as the owner of your company by providing search engines with relevant information. Doing so will drive consumers to your company’s website.

How to Use Multi-Location Local SEO Strategies

The easiest way to make sure that your company is in line to capture new leads from customers near each of your company’s locations is to provide a new page for each location of your company. Some businesses try to consolidate all of their locations onto one page, but even a comprehensive website will have fewer chances to rank high for local SEOs than a company that implements this strategy correctly. If you are losing business to competitors that offer similar products, this SEO strategy is the easiest way to rank higher than your competition.

Creating multiple pages that represent your company to each territory of customers is the best way to market your business. Customers find things through search engine results, so you need to provide a means for search engines to relate this information to users. Creating multiple pages for the same business might sound like a silly idea, but it works. When you search for any of the popular search engines, the first few results are always based upon the location in which the search takes place.

To keep everything on your website organized, professionals suggest creating a logical URL structure. This means that you don’t have to create a separate website for each location of your business to perform well with this SEO strategy. After you create a different page for each location of your company, you’ll need to go through your checklist of SEO strategies to see how each page compares. You’ll need to include all relevant keywords for the content, and be sure to include keywords that reflect each specific location in the metadata for your new local SEO pages.

In addition to optimizing each webpage with local keywords, each location should be listed as a separate location in Google My Business listings. Each location needs to have reviews from local customers, as well. Lastly, be sure to build local business listings for each location.

Similar SEO Approaches

In addition to the strategy of using local SEO to get customers interested in multiple locations of your company, you need to optimize your website to perform well with various other SEO strategies. Local SEO might be enough to obtain consumer interest among many of the modern search techniques. However, your website needs to be optimized to engage readers with relevant content, and it needs to perform well on mobile devices. Don’t be among the naive companies that spend time on a desktop version of their site without caring about what mobile users will see. Take time to write relevant content for your website that will be easy for desktop and mobile users to digest.

Working With Professionals

It’s a struggle to figure out all the parameters that are required to create a website that performs to your company’s needs. While you’re working through the daily operations that keep your company afloat, you might find it challenging to manage your own SEO needs. Luckily, you are not alone in this endeavor. In addition to the talented marketing professionals that offer tips through quality articles, there is a myriad of SEO experts available to take care of your problems. Find new leads for your business by hiring an SEO expert to manage the multi-location local SEOs and other marketing strategies that will get people coming to your website for your products and services.

Putting Everything Together

SEO strategies are the easiest way to capture new leads for your business. If you want to increase your profits in the future, you’ll need to make sure that your company’s website is designed to utilize the best SEO techniques available, including local SEO strategies that reflect your company’s numerous locations. Your company should have a different page on its website for each location that exists, which includes all areas that your company services. It’s important to incorporate other SEO strategies along the way, and be sure to include local keywords on each new webpage you create.

You might need to do more research to find the best keywords to bring customers to your company’s location. However, there are free online tools to help with this process. Also, there are numerous articles from marketing professionals to help guide you along the way. Getting started in the wide world of SEO isn’t easy for every individual, especially if you don’t have a computer background. When you’re too busy with operations that are keeping your business running, take time to speak with professionals about your marketing needs.