Technical SEO Optimization Services

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We know that every second of delay in your website page load time means more people are leaving, which is bad news for business. That’s why we focus on improving the performance and quality of search engine optimization (SEO) to help you capture high-quality leads or traffic with our technical SEO services!

What is Technical SEO, and Why is it Important?

Technical SEO is the process of ensuring your website has all the necessary elements for search engine guidelines so it can be crawled and indexed without any problems. The main goal in doing a technical audit, aside from assessing current site performance, would also determine which aspects need improvement to provide an effortless online experience—especially if you want Google’s ranking algorithm to take notice!

Technical SEO: Creating a Better Search Experience

Algorithms are constantly evolving, but the goal is still to provide a great user experience. This can be done by understanding technical SEO and making sure your website adheres to search engine guidelines. A good way of doing this is through an audit from professional technicians to ensure you’re on track with what’s needed for success!

Technical SEO is an essential part of your website’s performance. It includes site speed, robots exclusion standard (robots.txt), XML sitemap status, and content quality which are all critical to increasing the user-friendliness for both customers and search engines alike. According to Google, a one-second delay in mobile page loading time can lead to a 20% drop in conversion rate, an 11% decline in page views, and a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction.

Technical SEO for Local Businesses

In this competitive digital landscape, you must stay on top of the latest SEO tactics and algorithm updates to keep your website profitable. Understanding a web page’s structural intent enables us as marketers or site maintainers to know how best we can optimize those pages for online users looking at them with HTML enabled browsers and search engine spiders, reading code through text-based requests from their crawlers.

Technical optimization SEO includes:

  • Running a crawl error report
  • Eliminating duplicate content
  • Auditing preferred domain
  • Improving metadata
  • Checking HTTPS status codes
  • Checking broken links
  • Creating an XML sitemap
  • Implementing Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
  • Increasing site speed
  • Utilizing robots.txt
  • Optimizing website for mobile
  • Auditing redirects
  • Performing a Google site search

In this age of information overload, it is challenging to stay on top of your game. Technical optimization SEO can be a complex process that takes valuable time and resources from you as the business owner or CEO. That’s where our team comes in! We have years of experience helping technical managers like yourself navigate these complicated requirements without getting lost under all those numbers, so they don’t feel overwhelmed with everything going into their website rankings.

Technical SEO Services


We perform a comprehensive SEO technical audit to identify and fix your website’s technical issues. The review includes vital checkpoints, including mobile performance, internal link structure, page speed rankings – XML sitemap indexation crawl errors robots.txt site architecture, etc. Using analytics results, we develop short-term solutions that will improve the visitor experience while increasing google ranking over time with long-term strategies implemented afterward to reach the desired goal by using the newest tools/technology available.


We use our expertise in technical SEO to evaluate your competition and create strategies that will give you an edge over the other companies vying for ranking. Our process includes evaluating keyword performance, search engine rankings, social media presence, and backlinks profiles of different domains against each other so we can identify any weaknesses or opportunities within their game plan before it’s too late!


Our mission is to help you succeed. We’re always looking for ways that will provide more visibility and traffic, which is why we offer meta tags tailored to your needs in mind! Our technical SEO team can analyze all of these different pieces – including optimizing titles/descriptions, keyword placement both internally and externally (through alt attributes), robots tag cleanliness…to ensure no misused Metadata is causing any harm towards rankings online.


Optimize your images for speed with our technical SEO services. We’ll reduce the load time of your website and attract more customers by choosing a high-quality file format, utilizing alt attributes that improve search engine rankings, reducing image sizes as needed to help preserve download speeds on mobile devices or laptops with poor internet connections.


The page speed of your website is essential to customer experience. Our technical SEO specialists optimize code and reduce redirects, leveraging browser caching for improved user experience and CDN’s that distribute content around the world to be accessed even if there are network problems in one part of it.


Making your content more accessible for search engines is easy when you have the right tools. With schema markup, we can highlight page elements on our site with data tags and create HTML that correctly displays this information in a way that makes it easier than ever before to be found by Google or any other major engine of relevance across all platforms!


If you want to take your business or personal brand online, then keyword research is the blueprint that will determine how successful it will be. With an SEO company like ours by your side; we help create strategies and even perform technical audits on web pages for them to rank higher with appropriate search terms during times where people are looking up information about similar products – giving us insight into what keywords mean so they can appear more prominently than competitors!

Many businesses struggle with a lack of online visibility. Effective technical SEO can help you rank better on search engines and acquire more incoming links that will boost your site’s authority, improving the social shares for all related pages!


Google penalties are usually the result of black-hat techniques. When you get caught in a penalty, our team can help identify which type it is and what steps need to be taken next with Google Search Console so that your website will not suffer any more consequences than necessary. We also check all errors on your site just like an ordinary crawl would do to ensure everything works correctly!


Migrating websites is a delicate process that involves sensitive information such as analytics data and internal links. The best way to avoid losing valuable traffic is by developing robust migration plans, which we use for our clients with great care so you can focus on your business instead of worrying about how your site will be impacted during the transition period!

Technical SEO that Gets Results

Our technical SEO services can provide you with long-term growth for your company. We understand that search engine optimization is about more than just keywords. Our experienced team will implement other best practices to ensure high rankings on Google searches explicitly related to the products or services offered by clients in their industries.

In-depth Website Audits

Our comprehensive site audit process ensures that the technical SEO and conversion rate optimization (CRO) work together to serve your business goals better. We also analyze backlinks to make informed decisions based on data-backed insight about competition levels, among other things like analytics or market size.

Goal-Oriented Web Strategies

Your success is our top priority. During a consultation, we’ll determine and analyze your current campaign status, marketing objectives, and expectations to ensure that all of the tactics used in SEO are aligned with what you want from us. We also leverage multiple distribution methods for increased site leads & traffic!

Analytics and Reporting

We want you to be successful in your online endeavors, and that’s why our team of experts provides regular consultations with actionable insights. We leverage analytics to gather data on what is working well or not about the campaign from a strategic perspective and track progress over time through monthly reports. Let us know how we can help make things easier by contacting us today!

Proven Track Record

We use the latest SEO strategies to make your company more visible online. Our technical team is constantly working with clients to find their perfect match. We could fix multiple issues by performing thorough audits that provided all reliable data for future projects.

Our customers can’t get enough of our services- they keep coming back because no one else is offering such personalized care when it comes down to the right content strategy!