Stylize Font Awesome

Here is a little guide on how to Rotate, Flip, Resize, Compress, Color, Lighten & Bold Font Awesome:


<i class="fas fa-walking"></i>
<i class="fas fa-walking fa-rotate-90"></i>
<i class="fas fa-walking fa-rotate-180"></i>
<i class="fas fa-walking fa-rotate-270"></i>


<i class="fas fa-satellite-dish"></i>
<i class="fas fa-satellite-dish fa-flip-horizontal"></i>
<i class="fas fa-satellite-dish fa-flip-vertical"></i>


<i class="fas fa-truck-pickup"></i>
<i class="fas fa-truck-pickup fa-lg"></i>
<i class="fas fa-truck-pickup fa-2x"></i>
<i class="fas fa-truck-pickup fa-3x"></i>
<i class="fas fa-truck-pickup fa-5x"></i>
<i class="fas fa-truck-pickup fa-7x"></i>


Everything below this point, you can add your own CSS class [e.g. fa-*] to only affect certain icons, or apply the styling to the root icon [e.g. fa-truck-pickup] to affect every icon on your website without adding additional classes.

.fa-compress {
  font-size: 0.5em;
<i class="fas fa-compress-arrows-alt fa-compress"></i>
<i class="fas fa-compress-arrows-alt"></i>
<i class="fas fa-compress-arrows-alt fa-7x"></i>

If needed, you can change out EM, for PX or REM.


You can use a HEX code “#FF0000” or the color name “red”, CSS3 can tell the difference. I prefer HEX, naming the color bugs me.

.fa-red {
  color: #FF0000;
<i class="fas fa-fire-alt fa-red"></i>
<i class="fas fa-fire-alt"></i>

Light & Bold

Adjust the text-stroke pixel weight accordingly for your desired affect.

.fa-thin {
  -webkit-text-stroke: 6px #FFFFFF; /* background color */
  color: #000;
.fa-fat {
  -webkit-text-stroke: 5px #FF0000; /* font color */
  color: #FF0000;
<i class="far fa-laugh"></i>
<i class="far fa-laugh fa-thin"></i>
<i class="far fa-laugh fa-fat"></i>
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