An automated technical SEO audit is the best way to find pressing errors affecting your website's searchability. Unfortunately, many people blindly follow the results and make critical changes that can seriously affect your website's rankings.

Don't ruin Top-Performing Content.

If you have content performing well, don't change it unless it has apparent errors hurting user-experience (broken links, images, code).

25% of top-performing content doesn't even have a meta description. Google rewrites meta descriptions 63% of the time. So changing your meta to fit within 160 characters will probably not help you move up one SERP position, but has the potential to push you to page 2 in the SERPs.

"The best place to hide a dead body is page two of Google's SERPs."

You never want to risk reducing the rankings of your top content, so avoid modifying it as much as possible. That should be the last pages you fix.

Measuring What Matters

Why fix pages that get zero traffic? Check to see how much traffic that page received over the year. If it was once getting tons of traffic, then sure, fix it. If it never received traffic, chances are it never will.

Second Page Content

Content that ranks on Page 2 of Google is close, but not quite there. Something technical could be holding it back from ranking. This content has low risk, yet high reward when it comes to changes. Something that is ranking 11-12 can be pushed to 10th position in the SERPs. Whereas something ranking on page 70 would need a miracle to rank on page 1.

Analyzing this content is an excellent opportunity to understand what Google likes about the article and develop a strategy to improve it. You can then focus your efforts on making changes that are likely to push these content pieces to the first page.

Learn How to Edit in Bulk

Managing and optimizing a website often requires making changes to many pages at the same time. You can automate changes using find 'n replace, search regex, and learn a bit of PHP to make edits to your theme.

A clear, focusing intention will help you succeed in SEO and life.