What is SEO marketing and how it works [Beginners guide]

What is SEO marketing? Many people have heard of it but aren’t quite sure just what it is. Search Engine Optimization which is also known as SEO marketing is a process whereby your website or your business gain more visibility through getting listed on search engine result pages (SERPs). It involves optimizing titles, headers, keywords, content, and images; which enables your website to be found when users search for them on Google, but good SEO marketing is a whole lot more than just keywords & content.

What is SEO marketing?
What is SEO Marketing?

Before starting an SEO marketing strategy, your strategy should precisely outline what your customer’s “wants & needs” are, then how they go about searching for them in Google, Facebook, Bing, DuckDuckGo…

Content alone isn’t all you would require for your site to rank higher in SEO marketing, and regardless of you having a higher on-page wordcount, you should have a well-structured website and a good design with progressive development that is easy to navigate.

SEO marketing relies heavily on how relevant your content is and how it compares to your competition. Users judge your website on aesthetics of design and functionality, also how fast you can answer the questions or problems they are trying to solve.

In SEO marketing, you also have to maintain flexibility and not get too comfortable just because you have had successfully carried out one task. This is because the internet is full of surprises and search engines regularly change with the way they operate. So continually following up and giving your users the best result possible is a great way for you to excel at SEO marketing.

How exactly is SEO marketing essential and why?

In the past, people shopped more by chance or recommendations from friends, family, and acquaintances from local shops. But today, almost everyone shops online. People can buy from stores all around the globe, with thousands of product variations to chose from, in the comfort of there own home. It has been estimated that up to nine people out of ten prefer shopping with the aid of the internet.

With this influx of choice, customers tend to buy more items that come up first in search results, therefore not sticking to one producer or marketer. They go online and search for what they want till they find it. This makes every business get a fair chance in selling their products instead of requiring a customer following. And because customers tend to take the first page results more important than the rest, it means your company’s website would go unnoticed if it is on anything but the first search engine result page.

Other Ways SEO marketing can help you:

  • Engages your customers
  • Increases your position on SERPs
  • Gives you more dominance over your competitors
  • Creates organic traffic
  • Increases the click-through-rates on your website
  • Improves your ranking
  • Reduces bounce rates
  • Increases conversions
Local SEO
Local SEO

Can SEO marketing help local business?

Yes, it can. Over 90% of internet users try finding your local businesses online. Unlike in the past when local businesses were located by just phone calls and searching yellow pages.

The internet makes everything more accessible by connecting customers to producers and vendors with just a click of a button.

It is advisable that every business has a website, a “Google My Business” listing, and a Facebook Business page.

A good company should know the basis of search engines and how they work for you or at least hire someone that does. It has been estimated that over 20% of internet users use search engines to locate local businesses.

If you are looking for a more advanced SEO techniques, please check out: The secret to being first in Google search

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