Common Mistakes in Drug Rehab SEO

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t know a whole lot about drug rehab SEO. And that’s okay – it’s not exactly the most talked-about topic. But if you’re a marketer responsible for promoting a drug rehab center, it’s essential to understand the basics of optimizing your website for search engines. Otherwise, you could be making some common mistakes costing you traffic and leads. So today, we’re going to take a look at some of the most common errors in drug rehab SEO, and we’ll show you how to avoid them.

Misreading Keyword Reports

When you use SEO Tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush, it is crucial to read the meaning behind keywords.

For example, you can rank for “Drug Rehab Near Me” in two ways:

  1. Ranking for the exact keyword.
  2. Ranking for a proximity search result.

To rank for the exact keyword, you will include that keyword on your web pages.

The better approach is to rank for the proximity search result. A proximity search result is when Google knows your location and the location of businesses in that area, providing personalized search results. You can achieve this by ranking for “Drug Rehab in [City]” and including information on your website such as:

  • Your address in the footer
  • Location-based content
  • Local-business Schema
  • Related Terms (e.g., if I wanted to rank for Ottawa, I would also include: Ontario & Canada)  
  • Building Location-based Backlinks (e.g., local businesses linking to your website.)

The goal is to have a person find your website in Google Business Profile, click to call, and enroll in your services.

Ranking for the “drug rehab near me” keyword in the search results with someone 1,000 miles away will not help you because they do not want to attend your addiction treatment program. After all, they want something close to them.  

The same can be said for using plural keywords.

e.g., Addiction Treatment Center vs. Addiction Treatment Centers

When someone searches for the plural form of the word, they are typically looking for a list of treatment facilities in that area. When they search for a directory, that means they are looking for the best facility in that area.

Instead of keyword stuffing your content and hurting your website’s readability, add content that highlights what makes you special and unique, showing readers you are the best choice for them.

Not Understanding Search Intent

You are an expert in Addiction Treatment; your readers are not. Most readers will understand drug terminology but won’t understand how the process works.

Seeking treatment is extremely difficult and courageous. The goal here is to remove anxiety-induced fears of getting help. Explain what programs are best for them, what to expect, and remember to outline the process, so there are no surprises. Most of all, remember why your readers are on your website.

Forgetting Painpoints

Google is a question and answer service. People do not randomly surf web pages for the fun of it; they want something answered, or they want to purchase a product or service.

Your job is to offer solutions and answers, forgetting that will ruin your rankings.

drug rehab seo mistakes

Making it about You!

I know you are awesome, but clients mostly only care about WIIFM (What’s In It For Me). You need to make the website all about them and how you will help them.

You will want to highlight your Programs, Treatments, Therapies; THEN provide information on why you are a trustworthy and reputable establishment.

Starting a web page about you and your facility lowers engagement rates, rankings, and conversions.

Chasing Traffic, Not Conversions

That blog post about “How to Beat a Drug Test” will get a ton of page views, but does it help your bottom line of bringing in new clients?

Your content strategy should start at the bottom of the sales funnel, not the top. Only after you’ve completely exhausted all content ideas in the lower funnel do you move up.

For example, an article on “What is heroin addiction?” is the upper funnel for friends and family who want to know if a family member or friend needs addiction treatment.

Lower funnel are articles on “Heroin Treatment in [City]” or “What should I do if I’m addicted to Heroin?”

People suffering from addiction know that they have an addiction problem; they want solutions to their addiction.

Not Reading the SERPs

Search Engine Result Pages for Google are the battlegrounds; you must know the enemy.

Too often, people only check the SERPs to see what content they can copy and spin into their own words.

The trick is to stand out from the crowd, offer something new, and always stay one step ahead of the competition. The first step in this is understanding the SERP environment you are competing in.

Complex Reporting

I’ve heard business owners comment on how great a complex SEO report looks; they don’t understand it, and often don’t read it, but it must be good for the money they are spending.

So what is the purpose of these complex reports? Those reports work until the CFO starts asking questions after a few months.

You can keep those extravagant reports, but you need a simplified SEO report with one metric; how many leads (email or phone calls) did a URL produce. Converting the lead isn’t something SEOs do; I care about how many leads we created this month and how we can improve that number for the client next month.

Why are we working so hard on new content and optimizations if you aren’t tracking that number?

Not consulting Experts

You can easily do this on your own, but it doesn’t mean you need to invent the process. Twitter, Forum, SEO Agencies, and Freelancers are great resources to help grow your business with less hassle and mistakes.

If you hire an agency, ensure they are actual experts or have experts on staff. Make sure you have met and talked to at least one SEO expert on a video call. I’ve seen too many agencies with little to no prior experience, learning as they go on your website, and endangering your leads and profits.


I hope this will be helpful in your future success; if you need any help, please do not hesitate to contact me for assistance.

Published on: 2022-03-04
Updated on: 2022-06-21