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If you search for the top SEO agency near me in Ottawa, you may feel a little overwhelmed with all the results in Google Maps. How do you know who to trust? This guide will take you through some essential steps and show you how to sift out the listings with red flags.

What is a Google Business Listing?

If you have not heard of Google Business Profile, it is the new version of Google My Business. A GBP listing is how your business shows up on Google and Google Maps when people use the search engine. These listings help business owners add information to help search engines learn more about the business to better serve searchers and fulfill their needs. GBP listings usually include addresses, hours of operation, photos, website links, and other important information.

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What To Look For in Searching for an SEO Agency on Google Business Profile

Knowing what is in a GBP listing helps you know what to do with that information as you search for local SEO agencies in Ottawa, Ontario. These are some key considerations.

1. Reachability

When considering reachability, it is essential to think beyond a phone number or an email address. Can you contact the agency’s office if you have a problem or need a refund? Agencies with virtual or no addresses could easily take your money and vanish. Today, agencies have addresses in warehouses, PO boxes, or storage units. An ideal choice is an established, verifiable business with a physical address. Using a virtual office or PO box is actually against Google’s TOS. If an agency has an address, search it to find exactly where it is.

2. SEO Performance

A good SEO company should undoubtedly know how to optimize a website that improves traffic. However, little research can show that even SEO agencies may have little to no traffic. Also, some use so few relevant keywords that it should be embarrassing, especially for companies trying to market a service to help others optimize keywords and draw traffic to their sites. Look for a site with a higher monetary value, more keywords, and more organic traffic. You will see some examples in a later section of this guide.

3. Experience

If you are looking for a local agency, it is natural to want to see the work it did for other companies in the city. If you broaden your perimeter to all of Canada, you will undoubtedly want to see that the agency has helped other clients in the country. Look for testimonials, case studies, or social proof. To prove results, they should have proof of completed work using SEMrush, Ahrefs, or a similar SEO tool.

4. Expertise

Is the agency a jack of all trades and a master of none? Does the agency specialize in SEO, or does it offer many other services? Choose an SEO-focused company when looking for the best SEO agency to help you meet your growth goals. An agency that specializes in SEO or local SEO is what you need. Beware of agencies that claim to provide web design, CRO, social media marketing, and many other services but do not specialize in SEO. It takes a lot of time to keep up with Google’s rules, research, and other SEO tasks, so an agency with too many other services to handle may not provide the best results.

5. Trustworthiness

Deciding if a company is trustworthy is an important decision. To help make that decision, ask yourself these questions:

  • When was the agency’s website last updated?
  • Who owns the agency?
  • Can I easily find and verify contact information?
  • Does the agency have an online presence apart from the website?
  • Is the business name unique?
  • Can I verify that the business is registered by its name?

Be sure to thoroughly research the agency’s online presence. For example, visit social media pages to see if there are consistent or recent posts and interactions.

Top SEO Agencies in Ottawa, Ontario

There are a few reliable SEO agencies in the vicinity and throughout Canada. Based on all the points covered in the previous sections, these are the top local results and a brief explanation.

SEO North

SEO North is an SEO-focused agency with a marketing strategy niche. If you have a healthcare practice and want to focus on lead generation and conversion rate optimization, this is the agency for you. SEO North has extensive knowledge of health-specific SEO. Also, the agency provides a competitive analysis, which is vital for helping you work toward or maintain a competitive edge.

(613) 736-6542

Keywords: 2.4k
Traffic: 738
Value: $2.2k


Although this agency offers other services, it does not offer a long list. SEO Plus provides PPC and SEO services. As the most established SEO agency in the area, you can easily find and verify its information. It recently launched a new .com website, and its old site had a .ca domain, so its stats might be a bit off.

+1 866-980-7587

Site Keywords: 17
Site Traffic: 49
Site Value: $184

Up Digital

Although this company appears to be based in Edmonton, its Ahrefs scores are good. There are three addresses on the website. The Ottawa address on the site’s page appears to be a virtual address or a coworking space when you Google it and look at the results instead of the map. This agency may be a good choice if you are willing to work with an out-of-province company. However, if working with an agency within Ontario is a must, the previous two suggestions may be more suitable for you.

+1 800-581-1766

Keywords: 237
Traffic: 1.0k
Value: $8.5k

Other Local SEO Agencies

Trying to find reliable results takes time. After reading the previous sections, you will be able to see for yourself why these results have one or more red flags.

U7 Web Design & Marketing

Although this agency appears to create some lovely websites, it is not focused on SEO. Also, the address is a UPS store, which is not safe.

(873) 376-6883

Keywords: 778
Traffic: 128
Value: $56

WebLift | Web Design and SEO Company Ottawa

While the site has some keywords and a little value, the traffic is dismal. Also, the address leads to an Indian food restaurant.

(613) 707-5496

Keywords: 106
Traffic: 13
Value: $50

Kanata Marketing – Salient Marketing

The address for this one is in Kanata. In addition to that, it is located in a Dymon storage facility.

(613) 627-3926

Keywords: 1.1k
Traffic: 779
Value: $106

SEO Services Ottawa Inc.

There have been no updates on this one since 2019. Also, there is no listed address.

(613) 879-2929

Keywords: 20

Traffic: 10

Value: $54

Neox Marketing – Digital Agency, SEO, and Website Design

There is no address for this agency, and it does not have a local portfolio.

+1 800-618-4740

Keywords: 56
Traffic: 15
Value: $0

Creative Niloy – SEO Expert in Canada

This might be a reasonable option if you live in Bangladesh. Why? Because the homepage touts the best SEO expert in Bangladesh. Also, the address is in “Kanata”.

(613) 700-9494

Keywords: 79
Traffic: 179
Value: $9

Orleans Web Design – Salient Marketing

This one certainly has more traffic and keywords than several local competitors. However, it is in Orleans, and the address is for a Dymon storage facility.

(613) 627-3926

Keywords: 1.1k
Traffic: 779
Value: $106

Pondstone Digital Marketing

This one is local, but its website appears new and not yet set up.

(613) 667-2422

Keywords: 2
Traffic: 0
Value: $0

DigitalMobz | SEO & Web Design

There is no address or phone number for this agency. Also, it lacks an SSL, which is critical for good SEO performance.

Keywords: 0
Traffic: 0
Value: $0

RankFirst Solutions

This one is in Kanata. Also, it has no value, keywords, site traffic, or traffic in Ahrefs.

(613) 809-3593

Keywords: 0
Traffic: 0
Value: $0

Ottawa Web Design & SEO Services

Poor traffic value.

(613) 854-8089

Keywords: 15
Traffic: 0
Value: $0


Poor traffic value.

(613) 739-9566

Keywords: 10
Traffic: 0
Value: $1


Uruguay area code, non-Canadian names, looks suspicious.


Keywords: 4
Traffic: 0
Value: $0

Websiter Ottawa SEO & Web Design

Located in DYMON Storage Coventry, so they probably do not have an office in Ottawa.

(613) 301-3378

Keywords: 55
Traffic: 57
Value: $155

Several other local results also use Ottawa’s name in their brand names to target people searching for SEO agencies near me. However, they also lack traffic and value. You may find numbers outside Canada, more addresses in distribution centers or storage facilities, and other red flags. The key takeaway is carefully researching each part of a GBP listing before hiring an SEO agency.


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