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Smartphone Addiction
Smartphone Addiction

The World Inside Our Phones

The thing that has made the smartphone so addictive is the number of uses for these cellular devices. The smartphone is not something that is just for calling people anymore. Most people that have smartphones will go for days without actually making any phone calls. So much of our world is wrapped up inside of these portable processors that we are carrying in our pockets. For a large number of people that utilize phones for work and personal use, these smart devices have become the world that we take inside of our pockets.

Our Source of Entertainment

Smartphones become addictive when our entertainment becomes wrapped up inside of these devices. We stream and cast our music and favorite TV shows from our cell phones. We’ve become so accustomed to looking down at our phones that many of use barely notice anything else. We escape to a virtual world, instead of acknowledging the real world around us.

Easy Distractions

For people that have introverted tendencies, the smartphone serves as an easy distraction wherever they go. Its an escape from social awkwardness. When a phone is handy, they don’t have to talk to anyone. The smartphone makes it easy to neglect others and only pay attention to what is on the screen.

Social Media

One of the biggest time consumers and biggest distractions is social media. There are so many platforms for people to interact with celebrities or total strangers. No geographical boundaries are in place when social media is present. This makes it easier for people to spend hours of their day creating memes, liking posts, uploading content, and venting about politics or their favorite television show.

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