You’ve crafted the perfect website in WPEngine; now you want to reuse it for another project without building it all over again from scratch.

Here is a quick tutorial on how to use an existing website as a blueprint template:

1. If you haven’t already, sign in to

2. Click on Add site in the top right corner, under the appropriate account.

Add site

3. Enter a Site name*

Add site

4. Select Copy from existing from the tab navigation

Copy from existing

5. Name the environment

6. Select an environment to copy from (search for your production website in WPEngine)

7. Select the back to use. If you’ve made changes to the blueprint website after its last backup, you can create another backup before using it as a copy. This will require you to back out and restart the process.

8. Create environment

9.  Login to WP-Admin, and proceed to change out the logos, content, branded colours, and anything you might need to do to personalize the theme.

WP Admin

*The login username and password will be the same as the production website you copied over.