Saving your Data

Spending some time at the cottage has led me to realize I can burn through 12GB of data really fast.

Here are 6 ways to save data at the cottage, when traveling abroad, or on poor bandwidth connections:

1. Use Alternative Sources

Ditch News & Magazine styled websites, alternatively, use Twitter to keep up-to-date uses over 134MB when it loads!!! uses over 134MB when it loads!!!

2. Use adblockers

Install Adblocker. If websites block Adblocker, disable Javascript.

CBC homepage without Adblocker: 4.62MB
CBC homepage without Adblocker: 4.62MB
CBC homepage with Adblocker: 1.24MB
CBC homepage with Adblocker: 1.24MB
blocking adblocker
blocking adblocker
Disabling javascript saves over 8MB
Disabling javascript saves over 7MB (originally +14MB)

3. Low bandwidth alternatives

Use low bandwidth websites like or

4. Extensions

Install low bandwidth browsers + extensions Opera in Turbo mode or Chrome with Data Saver extension.

Google data saver
Google data saver

5. Block traffic

If you have an LTE router, or dialup, you can block high usage websites like Netflix, Youtube…

linksys partenal controls
linksys partenal controls

6. Turn it off!

Turn off your phone and get over your FOMO + Addiction to the internet.

Isaac Adams-Hands

Full Stack Developer, Digital Marketer, and InfoSec enthusiast. He received his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Western Sydney and his Business Diploma from Georgian College before joining various marketing positions in search portals, e-commerce, higher education, and addiction recovery services.

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