Why Is Backlinking Important?

4 Reasons Why Backlinks Provide Some Serious SEO Juice

Search engines steer 93% of traffic for websites. Taste that sweet SEO juice from quality backlinks and watch your website thrive in search engines.

A rank-1 website has around 6 times more backlinks than a site at rank 10. Backlinks play a large role in determining your website’s ranking on SERPs (search engine results pages).

A website without backlinks is like a remote island: People will have a hard time getting to it.


Here are 4 reasons you should focus on link building, the process of acquiring backlinks:

  1. Improves Ranking

    What are backlinks? A backlink is when another site links to your site. For example, when site A links to site B, site B has a backlink.

    Thus, site A is “passing link juice” to site B.

    Search engines like Google use backlinks to determine your site’s ranking, authority, and popularity. Each backlink to your site is considered a “vote of confidence” in your website’s favor (unless the link is marked with a nofollow tag).

    More backlinks doesn’t necessarily mean a higher ranking in SERPs. The backlinks with the most link juice are credible, high authority, and quality websites that are relevant to your website. These backlinks boost your website’s Google ranking the most.

    You won’t get link juice from spammy, unpopular, or scam websites. If anything, you could get penalized by Google for having too many low quality backlinks. Avoiding sketchy websites is part of internet safety.

  2. More Traffic

    An SEO backlink often gives your website more traffic. That includes referral traffic (traffic that comes from sources outside of a search engine). Getting website traffic is part of the importance of SEO.

    Google also uses traffic to determine your site’s ranking, popularity, and authority.

    The visitors who find your site via backlinks are more likely to stay on your website for longer amounts of time. More traffic with a low bounce rate equals a higher ranking.

  3. Faster Indexing

    Google spiders use SEO backlinks to find, crawl, and index websites. Indexing is the process of adding websites into Google’s search engine. Credible backlinks help Google find your website faster and show up in SERPs more.

    Pretend your website is a town. Each backlink is a road that leads to that town. It’ll be easier for people and search engines alike to find your town if there’s lots of roads leading to it.

  4. More Credibility

    Backlinks SEO boosts your website’s credibility. Backlinks from credible, quality sites in your field will increase your authority in Google’s eyes. The more high quality sites linking to your website, the more credible your site will appear.

    Google prioritizes websites with credibility and authority over those without those 2 things. 

Treat Yourself To Some SEO Juice

Google handles over 2 million searches annually. Bring on the SEO juice and make your website more visible to search engines.

Around 41% of large companies consider link building to be the hardest SEO tactic. Here’s the thing: You have to earn backlinks with great content. 

Are you standing out enough?

Upgrade your website and look into digital marketing services. It’s the best decision you’ll ever make.